About Us

Revesby Uniting Church seeks to be a place of light that learns from the vision of Jesus and engages critically with gospel stories. A place to have spiritual conversation beyond the church wall.

We are a diverse and inclusive community that seeks to be a beacon that brings light through sharing, learning and nurturing. A place where people of all ages, cultural backgrounds and the LGBTQIA+ community feels comfortable to share the ups and downs of life. To realise this mission Revesby Uniting Church needs to be a place where people feel free to articulate and wrestle with thoughts, feelings and doubts. To be a place where people come in times of crisis and times of joy. A place that fosters authentic relationships that encourage exploration and engagement, as well as building ownership and belonging.

We seek to be compassionate and active members of our wider community, as well as reflective and thoughtful people who care for each other and God’s creation. To be a community that nurtures and participates in the restoration of our land and waters. Working for the renewal of all things we come together to seek justice, peace and love in the world.